A curated parking lot of photos.
Overlook of Narada Falls in Mount Rainier National Park. Cold and gloomy — coffee followed shortly afterwards.
Stone wall inside the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Light shining through brush from above — greenery above and below.
Old basketball hoop on the right, red pipes and rim with a white backboard. The ridge line of the West Maui Forest Preserve in the distance. Location? Lahaina.
A set of rocks on the east side of Enchanted Rock.
Barbwire fence torn open in Lost Maples.
Tree near Osaka Castle. Looking straight up into the blue and cloudy sky through the branches.
Crossing the Kamo River in Kyoto. Looking north.
Good Water Loop trail. Small trail next to barb wire and wooden posts.
Frozen cactus and cedar trees at the highest point in Lost Maples. Frozen power lines extending into the distance.