Shadows from the trees lay across the pond on the Byodo-In Temple grounds. Early morning light filters through where it can — a walking trail on the other side.
A pond and walking trail on the Byodo-In Temple grounds.

Large tree roots cover the ground across the trail. A set of a few tall trees on the left and opening in the trees straight a head.
Part of the path up to Kuli'ou'ou Ridge — when you incorrectly think you're almost there.

Golden knee-high grass with a small opening leading to a dying tree about 50 feet away. The inner mountain walls of the valley off in the distance.
The valley inside of the Diamond Head State Monument.

A sandy trail leading to a portal canopy at the end of the pier. You can part of a seawall on the right. Open ocean and blue and purple sky filles the rest of the photo.
A blue and purple morning by a Waikiki pier.

A power pole on the left with power lines running across the top. A wall of green bushes covering a fence run along the bottom with a tan and cream building behind them
Walking around a neighborhood near LAX.

Taken from directly under the tree — the diffused light from the greenhouse makes its way through the many branches.
A visit to the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

A few steps leading up to a small iron gate. Vertical bars with light flourishes across the top. A wall of green shrubs covers both sides and above.
A small gate in the Boboli Gardens.

A view of the house roof next to chapel in Mission San Juan. Moss covers the lower roof tiles underneath a neighboring tree.
Found some moss walking Mission San Juan.

Light snow flurries next to our backyard flood lights. The deck covered in a thin layer of snow under the awning. A small shed sit in the corner of the yard.
A couple hours before we lost power for a week.

Wild winter grass cover most of the meadow with shrubs and trees in the distance. Most trees have frozen and are covered in ice.
Hiking in Lost Maples before the 2021 Texas winter storm.