Japan 2019 Trip Photos

July 26th, 2020

Discovered a great JavaScript module for image gallery support called photoswipe-simplify.js. Add a few JavaScript imports, link a couple additional CSS files, point some HTML at a few hosted images, and you've got yourself a very usable image gallery. In order to test it out I've included a few photos from our trip to Japan last fall—hopefully we can get back there someday.

Click on any of the images below to open the gallery.

Hotel view in Tokyo. Train tracks in Shibuya. Torii gate at entrance to Yoyogi Park. Entrance of Ghibli Museum. Crossing the Kamo River. Sunset over the Kamo River. Hotel view in Kyoto. Todaiji Temple Nintendo HQ in Kyoto. Approaching Osaka castle. Osaka Castle Trees near Osaka Castle. Gates inside the Kyoto Imperial Palace.
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Written by Joshua Pohl
Software Engineer in San Antonio. Find me on Twitter.