Now: Hike at Enchanted Rock

November 27th, 2020

I've lived in San Antonio, Texas for almost 20 years but I've never made the approximately 90 minute drive out to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Once it came into view on the drive up there, I laughed because it's literally a giant rock. I don't know what I was expecting.

The weather was terrific and surrounding area is really beautiful. Near the end of the hike we heard the grass rustling of a rattlesnake we didn't notice right beside the trail. We were spooked and ran away quickly. The big fella was probably just trying to get warm.

Side of Enchanted Rock. A second round round next to Enchanted Rock. A set of rocks on the side of Enchanted Rock. A trail on the backside of Enchanted Rock. A small lake behind Enchanted Rock.
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Written by Joshua Pohl
Software Engineer in San Antonio. Find me on Twitter.