Now: Lost Maples Overnight

October 7th, 2020

I've been putting together a set of starter backpacking gear the last couple months, and I went out to Lost Maples State Natural Area for some hiking and an overnight to try some of it out. Access is limited due to Covid-19, so once I got a few miles down the trail other hikers only passed by occasionally. The trails are some of the best I've seen in Texas and weaved in and out of the dry areas of the creek and riverbed before making steep climbs up to overlooks.

I pitched my tent in a wooded primitive camping area. Between the tarantula that crawled under my tent, and the wild pigs that scavenged and snorted nearby all night, sleep was difficult. Glad I brought earplugs.

Lost Maples valley near start of trail. Overlook of pond. Trail surrounded by maples. Highest point in Lost Maples overlooking the creek. Barbwire fence torn open.
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Written by Joshua Pohl
Software Engineer in San Antonio. Find me on Twitter.